Conference history

What made the 2nd International Conference on Research in Humanities held on the 22nd -24th of November, 2019 special, you ask? A variety of things.

  • ICRHCONF 2019 gathered top academics from all around the world: Canada, Spain, Georgia, Jordan, Indonesia, South Korea, Nigeria, Turkey, Myanmar, and others.
  • The diversity of the participants’ backgrounds and experiences stimulated engaging discussions, be it during Q&A sessions, networking hours, or workshops.
  • The agenda featured outstanding research on such topics as examining the relationships between self-control, coping with stress and perceived social support with alcohol and substance use risks of university students, the role of society power in reducing poverty, cigarette consumption and poverty, and many more.
  • The venue of ICRHCONF was Sorbonne University in Paris, France – one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world.
  • ICRHCONF 2019 attendees were invited on a free guided tour of Paris. There is a reason Paris is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Its architecture is breathtaking, its local cuisine is mouthwatering, while its culture is the definition of rich history meeting modern innovation.

The 3rd edition of the International Conference on Research in Humanities will further push the high standards of quality. We hope you will be joining us.